Why CenturyLink is the Best Internet Provider in New Mexico

Why CenturyLink is the Best Internet Provider in New Mexico

CenturyLink is one of the fastest ISPs in the US offering symmetrical speeds of up to 940 Mbps with fiber. While currently only offering fiber internet in a few cities in New Mexico, the exclusion of price hikes, data caps, and terms contracts make it the best ISP in the state. 

CenturyLink internet is competitively priced and features a 99.9% network reliability, whether offered via DSL or a fiber connection. It has also been working to extend its fiber reach beyond major cities such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Farmington and bring broadband access to underserved areas.

In this review, we look at some of CenturyLink’s efforts to bring faster internet across New Mexico and discuss some of the features it’s already able to offer. We also overview the current internet plans offered by CenturyLink. Let’s get started.

Commitment to Rural Broadband Expansion in New Mexico

Federal Connect America Fund

CenturyLink’s enduring commitment to rural broadband expansion in the heart of New Mexico is nothing short of extraordinary. The company accepted Federal Connect America Fund’s $66 million investment over six transformative years, to alleviate broadband drought in rural communities in the state. 

This monumental effort has ushered over 16,000 homes and businesses in historically underserved regions such as Artesia, Anthony, Aztec, Chaparral, Gallup, Grants, Las Cruces, Roswell, and select corners of Santa Fe into the radiant era of dependable internet connectivity. 

PRC’s Rural Broadband Fund

In 2019, CenturyLink welcomed approximately $450,000 in funding from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC)to kindle the flames of connectivity in communities as diverse as Angel Fire, Eagle Nest, Laguna Acoma, Santa Teresa, Las Vegas, and Tucumcari. The ripple effect of this investment has been profoundly transformative, linking over 3,600 homes and businesses to the digital realm. 

How CenturyLink Internet Stands Out

CenturyLink’s efforts towards a better-connected New Mexico haven’t been in vain. Here are some of the features CenturyLink Internet plans include that you may not get from other ISPs.

99.9 Reliability

In the rugged and challenging terrains of New Mexico, where nature often unleashes its elemental fury on cable networks, CenturyLink boasts a network uptime of 99.9%. Their robust infrastructure and relentless technological investments ensure a steadfast internet connection that’s impervious to the whims of Mother Nature. Whether it’s blistering summers or relentless winter tempests, CenturyLink’s commitment to uninterrupted service makes it a very recommendable internet service provider.

Symmetrical Speeds

Symmetrical bandwidth is a feature exclusive to the reliable type of internet service today: fiber. Cable, DSL, FWA, and satellite internet all have limited bandwidth—and have to sacrifice the maximum upload speed to feature higher download speeds. CenturyLink is building its new networks with fiber. It offers the same bandwidth upstream and downstream, ensuring your uploads are as fast as your downloads.

CenturyLink’s symmetrical bandwidth holds unparalleled significance for businesses, remote workers, and digital content creators. With symmetrical speeds, CenturyLink engineers a frictionless experience where file-sharing transcends the realm of effort, video conferences materialize as vivid as reality, and content uploads become swifter than a lightning strike. 

Competitive, Standard Prices That Don’t Hike

You’ve probably been trapped by the promotional pricing models many ISPs employ. The advertised prices often only apply for a year before you’re met with a sudden price hike. This is something you don’t have to worry about with CenturyLink.

CenturyLink Internet plans are offered at their standard rates that don’t suddenly increase after a promotional period. Their transparent pricing model guarantees value for every hard-earned dollar. 

CenturyLink Internet plans are also priced competitively to comparable offers from other ISPs. In an era where internet access is a fundamental need, CenturyLink’s pricing options make digital inclusion an affordable reality.

Wide Range of Plans

CenturyLink offers multiple speed tiers for both its fiber and DSL products. From symmetrical gig plans engineered to satisfy the most voracious of streaming enthusiasts to affordable connections worth every bit of the monthly service fee, it has teri for every home. 

CenturyLink’s Internet plans include:

  • Simply Unlimited Internet up to 30 Mbps
  • Simply Unlimited Internet up to 40 – 80 Mbps
  • Simply Unlimited Internet for speeds up to 100 – 140 Mbps
  • Fiber Internet up to 140 Mbps
  • Fiber Internet up to 200 Mbps
  • Fiber Internet up to 500 Mbps
  • Fiber Internet up to 750 Mbps 
  • Fiber Gigabit up to 940 Mbps

The pricing and availability of these plans vary depending on location. Reach out to CenturyLink customer service to learn more.

Unlimited Data Across Plans

CenturyLink engineers a revolution in data consumption by smashing through the shackles of limitations with its unlimited data plans. These plans are nothing short of an emancipation proclamation for customers, freeing them to stream, download, and browse without having to worry about the data meter.

There’s no need to dread the toll of overage charges. Whether you’re a household immersed in a constant stream of online activities or a business with an insatiable hunger for data, CenturyLink’s unlimited data plans stand as an unassailable fortress of connectivity, guaranteeing an unbroken and relentless service.

No Annual Contracts

CenturyLink champions freedom through its no-term contract options. Customers relish the liberty to shape their internet plans according to the tides of change, unburdened by the shackles of lengthy commitments. Whether you’re a nomadic student, a transient renter, or a business riding the waves of uncertainty, CenturyLink’s flexibility embraces your journey. You can change plans or switch to another provider as you see fit anytime you want.

Promotional Perks

Instead of trying to entice customers with limited-time discounts, CenturyLink offers promotions that waive additional fees. The current offer on CenturyLink fiber internet includes free installation, a $129 value. It also includes WiFi equipment at no additional cost which would otherwise set you back up to $15 per month. 

Now, let’s look at CenturyLink’s current internet offers.

CenturyLink Internet Offers

CenturyLink offers two types of internet service depending on the service area. Here’s an overview of these service offerings:

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet (DSL)

DSL is the most widely available option from CenturyLink. It uses existing telephone lines to deliver internet service, which is why it is offered in areas where CenturyLink fiber isn’t available.

CenturyLink’s DSL plan offers speeds up to 100 Mbps. This plan is available at $55 per month with paperless billing.

While CenturyLink DSL isn’t as fast as its fiber product, it’s still suitable for moderate internet usage, such as web browsing, emailing, and streaming. 

CenturyLink Fiber Internet

CenturyLink has been expanding its fiber optic network in certain areas to provide faster and more reliable internet service. Its fiber product is now available in Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe in New Mexico.

CenturyLink offers speeds up to 940 Mbps with fiber. This plan costs $75 per month with paperless billing.

CenturyLink fiber internet is fast enough to support 4K streaming, pro online gaming, and lag-free video calling. It’s also more reliable than cable internet, making CenturyLink the best choice in New Mexico where it offers fiber.


CenturyLink offers reliable DSL and fiber internet across New Mexico at affordable standard prices that don’t hike. Unlimited data and the freedom to switch a


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